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10:02 am - 30/08/2013

Maximus FashionWeek Debut.

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Well actually the debut was @ Altewai Saome’s show 2 years ago, but then in my belly.
This time around he got to see it LIVE. Some were wondering if it was not going to be “scary for him, or to loud with the music”
i was pretty sure he was gonna be fine, and you know what he did? He stood up in my knees and started to dance once the music started popping.
And in the end OBVIOUSLY he clapped his hands just like a pro.
That’s my kiddo.

He’s wearing some of the fall things i bought for him in London and the shorts are vintage or second hand or whatever u wish to call it.

Thank you Karin for theese pictures i will show u more laters.


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LINSEY SIJMONS- September 5, 2013 at 12:08 am
You both look absolutely stunning! A real lady and gentleman ;) WITH LOVE, LINSEY / POSE-BLOG.COM
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