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9:43 am - 05/09/2013

London Weekend with my Love


So this weekend was all about surprises for my Love who turns 30 in a few days. Starting from Mr Louis.



We overslept (never happens!) dropped Maximus off at my mums and off we went to the airport all excited.



But we made it!! Here love is celebrating with a Whiskey from (what he tought was my 2nd surprise) but it was actually from a lovely pair sitting just a few seats behind us that  he had ZERO clue about :)



We checked in and dropped our bags off at our hotel and went to eat some of the best food i know. Lebanese!




Pants Zara. Shoes BikBok. Silk top a gift. Black wrap top my mums. Necklace from Egypt. Bag Chloé.



After our lunch we took a stroll and then it started to rain so we got in to a cab and went to surprise nr. 2….


2013-08-25 09.46.35


A cooking lesson at Jamie Oliver’s.

(he is not a big chef my love so this was just a fun thing to do before he turns 30 ;))

HE was super surprised but he had still a big surprise waiting…..



One of his best friends and his girlfriend were there TOOO! (They were actually on the same plane so we did a spy game that we totally nailed and were damn proud of) hahah.

So we all cooked some DELISH Mexican Street Food and they had some wine whilst i was sippin on my lemonade.

2013-08-24 17.14.18


yum yum.

After the cooking class we jumped in to a cab and went to Hakkasan for some drinks.



Im the Very Berry one. vrgin of course.






The 2nd day shopping was on the Schedule so we hit the shops…

2013-08-25 13.31.26


2013-08-25 12.38.39


Tried on this gorgeous piece of jacket at River Island, did not get it but am glad i didnt cus i justed klicked home the most gorgeous furr (fake) out therrre.



Let’s just put it like this, London has never ever dissapointed me in shopping terms. God damn do i get all shopaholic when over there!
And the best part this time around im not shopping just for my self, but for (SOON TO BE 2)  little fashionistas at home!

above u can see some of Maximus autumn closet.



Payed i visit to Victorias Secret of course. Love the walls at the store, thinking about doing something similiar over here.
With a bit less nude pics i suppose haha.


2013-08-25 12.56.13

2013-08-25 17.16.13


Wouldnt mind wearing this piece of art at the CHIC gala this year . Made by McQueen.




after the shopping spree we went home and basically reloaded our batteries.
Because surprise nr 3 was waiting!
Here i am dressed in Zara.


He with a big H! my soon to be husband.


2013-08-25 20.24.49


surprise nr 3 was dinner at this AMAZING place with my Ingrish love. with the best table of the house . Felt like king and queens.
2013-08-25 21.28.04

Ingrid <3

2013-08-25 20.24.30

Asian Fusion deluxe.





After the dinner we met up Jonas & Sanna at Nobu.





le love.






Next day we woke up to early for our own good, took a breakfast on the way and headed of for some additional shopping (oops)



Top St Tropez. Skirt H&M. Shoes JC. Bag Chloé and sunnies Ray Ban.

2013-08-26 09.09.47-2




on this picture you can see on of the best buys i did. it was actually something i had in my mind i HAD to get for this fall.

Does this ring a bell?   promise to show u a better pics as soon as the weather allows me to zip’em on.




We went to this Place where it was time to do a proper english thing and surprise nr.4



Afternoon Tea.


2013-08-26 15.28.26

2013-08-26 15.28.08

What differences the afternoon tea at W hotel is that it’s called “Rock afternoon tea” so it has a Rock team (as the hotel swell)

All the delicious sweets are called after a famous rock song, for example Sticky fingers, purple rain etc.

The Service was excellent and the environment as well, we just sat there and enjoyed for hours.


2013-08-26 17.12.55

After the afternoon tea we said bye bye to Jonas and Sanna who were leaving back to sthlm and went off to next surprise.



Yes yes some fame spotting at Madame Tussaud’s.





After the museum we went home took a nap and then on to dinner with one of my best friends in the whole wide world.

Lord Lodo <3




The last day we woke up and went down to the embankment pier to leave for surp. nr 5, a lunch cruise on the thames.




2013-08-27 13.12.27



last min shopping and then off to the airport, where…

in the end of all the surprising my love surprised me <3




one of the best weekends ever.

Really really recommend giving love some time and just enjoying each others company in all relationships, but especially when u have kids this goes on another importance level!



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Ingrish- September 5, 2013 at 12:29 pm
And the award to 'Girlfriend of the year 2013' goes to... ... ... ... ... ... Miss Aida Bajgoric!xxx
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