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8:13 am - 25/06/2013

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen + Bik Bok


Gotta have it!



my fav piece the jacket with the fur.


a bit Saint Laurent-ish dont u think? (in a good way)


im really excited about this collaboration between the olsen sisters and Bik Bok i think it will hit stores end of august if i remembered it correctly!


2:40 pm - 24/06/2013

Midsummer Weekend


Uncle Jonas and Maxi all matchy matchy

midsommar eve2

off for a walk and små grodorna dance.

midsommar eve

Great minds think a like.

midsommar dagen

morning love.

midsommardagen 4

just like Mariah Carey in this song haha some images just dont go out of ur head do they.

2013-06-23 11.17.08

Best buds.

2013-06-23 11.17.59

Maxi really enjoyed every second of this weekend.

2013-06-23 11.18.53

2013-06-23 11.14.08

first dip in the ocean.

2013-06-21 08.53.38

made this “rulltårta” with raspberries & lemondcurd.

2013-06-21 12.41.49

love this place and so glad we got to spend midsummer here with the best people and atmosphere.

2013-06-22 07.18.31

Maxi was up around 7ish and wanted to go out immediately

2013-06-22 07.59.43

Morning view.

2013-06-22 09.25.11


10:26 am - 23/06/2013

Midsummer Eve Look

2013-06-21 19.36.14


Hey buddies!

SOO i had the best midsummer ever (that i can remember) with my family and friends i will tell you and show u pictures tonight!
But here’s a picture of my dress its from Top Shop probably 3 yrs old.

Still going strong.


4:46 am - 20/06/2013

New in.


Bought this dress just cus’ ive spilled all over myself and this was the first thing my eye caught.
(not the white tee kind of a gurl i guess)


And this cable knit sweater from Lindex. love the coral colour, perfect for breezy summer eve’s.

7:30 am - 19/06/2013



One thing u probably dont know about me is that i was obsessed of the name Cindy when i was a little girl.
In school i could tell everyone my middle name was Cindy (i dont even have one)
it was part wise the love for Cindy the supermodel and Cindy my fav. barbie!

anyways, love how she STILL (at this age what is she ? soon 50? ) shines like she was born to do it.

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